Lake of the Woods for Labor Day

Two weeks before Labor Day weekend Kayak turned up a “reasonably” priced ticket to Winnipeg for the weekend on Having never heard of I was a little skeptical they could deliver on a ticket hundreds of dollars cheaper than anywhere else but they did!

It was great to see the family and sit on the dock and do some reading:

My mom's dog Echo playing on our beach.

We did get some swimming in but the ladder was being guarded by this dock spider:

On Sunday my sister led the charge on ripping out the thirty year old carpet:

This was overseen by the cats:

Followed by a nice big fire before dinner (no we didn’t burn the carpet…):

It was a bummer Chels couldn’t join us but she was partying at pasties beach. I somehow suspect she won’t be posting photos of her weekend…

Here’s the rest of my photos.

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