Branded Short URLs Not Used On Twitter (Yet)

I was deeply saddened to learn that was taken. In fact it was registered only days before I realized we should grab it. I wanted to grab it so we could do this:

Which was inspired by Zappos:

I pitched the team on doing this recently and was challenged by Mike, our CTO, on whether people would really use it.


Both Amazon and Zappos have branded short URLs and I pulled the numbers on Tweets per day for the last two weeks using their branded short URLs:

  • Amazon: 10 tweets/day
  • Zappos: 5.4 tweets/day

Considering “redfin” has been getting just 12.5 tweets/day I’m now not convinced that our own branded short URL would be a raging success either in terms of inbound links or click-thrus.

But I’ve been wrong before!

Note: It may have taken me longer to think about and write this post than it would have taken a Redfin dev to have coded this feature :).

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