iPhone Madness

A full day meeting on Friday prevented Ben and I from lining up on the day of release so after drinking way too much on Friday evening we headed down at 8:30 to the AT&T store on Capitol Hill where we probably got the 30th and 31st spots. After they opened at 9 it wasn’t long before they were out of the 16 GB black ones which is what we wanted. We kept waiting though and while we waited I found out that a 16 GB phone for me wouldn’t be $299 like everyone else but $499 because I only bought my last phone in December. After waiting some more (for a total of 1.5 hours) they ran out of 16 GB phones just as we were about to go in so we headed down to the Apple mega store in the U-District to see if they had any more inventory. Turns out the line there was massive so we headed back to Capitol Hill where we ordered the unavailable 16 GB black ones. Turns out if we wanted it we would have been the last people to get 8 GB black ones had we waited.

I’m shocked they only had about 30 phones total on the second day of release. And it sounded like they didn’t have many more on Friday.

Oh well, I’m fine waiting for the back ordered black one since $557 is a lot of money for a phone.

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