Seattle NOOD

This weekend the sailing crew took Friday off and raced Brad’s J24, Hair of the Dog, at Seattle’s first NOOD (National Offshore One-Design.)

We had the good fortune of this being the first three day stretch of gorgeous Seattle weather (it should resume raining tomorrow.) We also had the good fortune of having a decent amount of wind (my arms and legs are telling me too much wind.)

I’m very excited to say we came sixth (well, tied for fifth but lost the tie.) We had some good races with a second and third place finish and the rest of the finishes were respectable. Today we should have had a first but lost it :(. As a team we’re getting more consistent and moving up.

There were definitely some exciting moments with a few crash tacks and bear aways and a little rubbing with a six meter who apparently forgot they were on port as they came into the windward mark. As it turns out we got very lucky on the six meter encounter; it very nearly took our rig down.

There was also a helicopter constantly buzzing around taking photos. It definitely felt like a big regatta!

Rhonda and I were on boat delivery at the end of the regatta. Here’s a few photos from the three hour trip from Shilshole on the sound back to Leschi on the lake.

More photos

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