A great night of cards

Yesterday after a long day of meetings I decided to sit in on the Redfin card game which ended up with 31 players. Here is Dave’s, our tournament director, re-cap of the night:

Matt Goyer (pronounced “go-yay”, given his French Canadian heritage, eh?) took down the big prize in a stunning display of laissez faire poker. Scratching the felt several times in the early rounds, he made it to the final table with a solid chip stack, garnering the admiration of Alex Coon, who also made the final table and had witnessed Matt’s Lazarus-like return with awe. All those years in Boston (the last several years of Pro sports success notwithstanding) have trained Alex to identify and latch onto the underdog.

Steve Marcus defended his tournament victory crown with an impressive repeat performance, finishing 2nd after losing the heads-up duel (that only took 1 hand) with Matt.
The blinds were $600/$1200, with Steve in the Big Blind. Steve raised pre-flop, Matt called, and we got a flop. Steve checked, Matt bet $2,500 and Steve moved all in. Mat had him covered, though it would cost Matt about half his stack to make the call. After pondering (or not realizing it was his turn to act, it’s hard to tell sometimes), Matt said “It’s late. Why not.” (It was about 11:15). Having been called, Steve flips and has a straight draw and nut flush draw. Matt has a pair, gets a second pair on the Turn, and Steve comes up dry on the River. Nice call Matt.

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  1. love mom says:

    Playing poker and winning just like your grandparents,
    way to go Matt!

  2. Jack Pierce says:

    Sorry for the off-topic post, Matt, but I need a subject matter expert that I can interview regarding Microsoft Media Center products. It appears you were once that guy…can you connect me to a current resource?

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