Why isn’t my house selling?

Say your house has been on the market and you’ve had no one through to see it. What might be wrong?

Well today one Redfin employee found this California listing where the listing agent accidentally added two extra zeros to the price. At a $1,490,000,000 (yes 1.5 BILLION dollars) I’m sure the number of online searches it showed up in was very few:


Being the nice company that we are we called the listing agent to let them know that for 107 days they had the wrong price. Not surprisingly, they updated the price.

First recommendation: Engaged owners should verify their listing on a few online real estate sites to make sure everything is correct!

Second recommendation: If you’re selling a 1.5 million dollar house you should have more than one photo!

(Yes the screenshot is from a Redfin test server, the price updated so quickly I couldn’t get a screenshot from our production servers.)

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3 Responses to Why isn’t my house selling?

  1. Alex says:

    I drive by this house all the time when I’m home.

  2. Ian says:

    On the brightside, buying with redfin would save them almost 30 million dollars.

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