links for 2007-12-04

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  1. love mom says:

    This is the 10 year anniversary of the attempt to eliminate one of mankind’s dealiest weapons, landmines. Well for most countries, but not the US as they did not sign the Treaty. Unfortunately thousands of landmines still lie waiting for victims years after the mines were planted. Help rid the world of these anti-personnel landmines and save innocent victims by donating to Global College at the University of Winnipeg. Monies will be used for purchase of specially trained dogs who sniff out these devices and then they are disarmed saving countless lives. As I know most of you don’t use cheques, they are in the process of setting up credit card payments. Stay tuned.

  2. love mom says:

    Here is the contact information for cheques:
    Sherry Funk
    Global College
    9th Floor Rice Building
    University of Winnipeg
    491 Portage Avenue
    Winnipeg, MB, R3B 2E3
    Phone: (204) 988-7105
    Fax: (204) 772-4622

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