Early season skiing

It’s just barely December and I’ve already hit the slopes 5 times :).


For American Thanksgiving we headed up to Whistler for the best Whistler trip ever. What made it the best trip ever was, of course, the people. Teresa, Ming, Tom and I stayed together in the heart of the action in a suite atop the Whistler Professional Building (at night you could hear the thump thump of the bass from Tommy Africa’s but we didn’t go to bed before 2am so it didn’t really bother us. Also be warned that even the people at reservations can’t find this suite so best of luck to you if you book a suite at ‘The Plaza Suites’.)

From our base camp we ventured out to Thanksgiving dinner at the only #2206 cabin in Whistler with the soccer crew. We also did a lot of dancing, drinking and we even hosted our own wild bash on Saturday night attracting 30 or so friends in town for the weekend.

Of course we skied a bit (Andre and I even skinned up for fresh tracks one day) but the snow wasn’t great, though the blue skies were nice. Our schedule was basically a communal breakfast (each better than the previous) followed by hitting the slopes after noon until nacho and beer time at 4pm followed by nap time and hockey watching. Followed by more drinking.





The only downer for the trip was getting pulled over just past the border for street racing in Ming’s Audi A4. But I’ll save my run in with the RCMP for another post. In the meantime, know any good BC traffic lawyers!?

See the rest of my trip photos.


With our ski legs back it was a no brainer to skip work for Baker opening day last Thursday. Of course the 5:30 am wake up was painful but the skiing made it worthwhile.

Joe took some photos of the fun.

The only snafu this trip was a little fall I had at the beginning of the day when I ejected out of my new bindings and then subsequently slammed my face into my freshly tuned ski edge cutting my face up. Ouch! Fortunately, no teeth were broken but it made it hard to hide the skiing secret from co-workers on Friday.

As you can see it was a rare sunny day at Baker which we thoroughly enjoyed:


Normally we hit Baker once a season (we don’t like the three hour drive) and I thought we were done for the season but when it started to snow Saturday IN SEATTLE we rallied and planned another trip up on Sunday this time departing at 5:30am. Unlike Thursday’s merely pretty good conditions Sunday’s conditions were absolutely epic. Knee deep powder almost all day long. We skied straight through lunch and didn’t leave until they shut the lifts off at 3pm for 100+ mph winds.

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  1. rob says:

    those jaeger bomb pictures remind me of that jam packed whistler night club from last turkey day weekend.

  2. love mom says:

    Can you at least wear a mouth guard after all the time and effort that into those teeth?

    Cannot wait to hear the street racing story….Glad to see that you are enjoying your hips. Take care of them.

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