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links for 2007-10-16

Welcome to CleanOffer (tags: realestate) New shaky ground in Seattle (tags: earthquake seattle datalayer) Boeing/aerospace | Boeing to close surplus store | Seattle Times Newspaper I went there once and wasn’t too impressed with what they had. I was expecting … Continue reading

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New Virtual Earth released

Yesterday Microsoft released some new mapping stuff, Microsoft Releases New Search Services for Internet and Mobile Customers. Immediately, Redfin customers will notice improvements on when they click through a Redfin listing details page for directions to a listing. Though … Continue reading

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Heineken’s new keg

I don’t know why I subscribe to Forbes, the articles generally aren’t that good, but I found this article about Heineken’s new keg interesting both from a business perspective and as a Heineken drinker, The Keg That Scored: The retail … Continue reading

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Lunch 2.0 at Widemile and Portent

Today we went to Lunch 2.0 hosted by Widemile and Portent. Having already heard the founder of AdReady talk I didn’t get that much out of the talks since they discussed the same concepts (use testing, analytics and data to … Continue reading

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Bug bashes goodness from Archie McPhee

I was at Archie McPhee the other day picking up more prizes (I recommend the Parasite Pals) for Redfin bug bashes (a bug bash is when more than just the Redfin development team tries out a test version of the … Continue reading

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links for 2007-10-13

Hive Mind Halloween 2007: Xavier’s School for Mutant Youngsters Class Reunion (tags: halloween event)

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links for 2007-10-12

Apartment Therapy – Good Questions: Why Does One Noguchi Cost More?? (tags: furniture) Confirmed: Yahoo expanding to Microsoft’s backyard (tags: seattle microsoft yahoo bellevue) Facebook Reality Check: It’s not worth $100B, and it won’t crush MySpace or Google (but it … Continue reading

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Morale event at the Ferrari dealership

I live beside a Ferrari and Maserati dealership; this is the view out my window: So when Jeff mentioned that he had a voucher for free Omaha steaks if he test drove a Maserati we decided to have a small … Continue reading

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links for 2007-10-11 – I have seen the future… Microsoft RoundTable We need something better than a plain old polycom. I wonder when this is being released? (tags: confcalls redfin) Marketing Yourself with Facebook Flyers | Future of Real Estate Marketing (tags: … Continue reading

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links for 2007-10-10

Why to Move to a Startup Hub (tags: startups)

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