Eames chair or Love Sac?

I recently bought a couch and was thinking about buying two Eames Plywood Lounge Chairs (walnut, budget allowing) but our office recently got a ton of Love Sac’s and they’re great. Here’s Rob chilling in a very large one:

And here’s a Redfin employee who shall remain nameless passed out in one today:


Unfortunately I don’t think they will fit in with my modern decor.

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2 Responses to Eames chair or Love Sac?

  1. Sasha says:

    Three thoughts:

    1. Rob looks weirdly fetal in that photo.
    2. There are many other options than Eames for modern design.
    3. Eclectic is good; not everything has to be stark and modern.

  2. Mez says:


    Thanks for Spreading the LoveSac Lifestyle…

    Is There an Address where we can send you some Free LoveSac Stuff?

    Let me know mez@lovesac.com and keep on blogging…

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