Bug 40025 – Redfin Espresso Machine Non Functional

Best Redfin bug ever:

Problem Symptoms:
Espresso Machine is full of water and bean but lights indicate that it believes that there is no water.

Unable to make coffee

Please contact Scott, Allie, or Chris who were on site at the event and discovered the problem for more information

——- Comment #1 From Rob 2007-10-24 11:34:02 [reply] ——-

Donald knows the drill.

Assigning to him.

——- Comment #2 From Rob 2007-10-24 11:56:48 [reply] ——-

Adding contact info in case someone wants to fix it:

If something goes sideways again please take a step back, breathe, count to 10 and call café west at 888-437-8340 and ask for Josh. They are the distributor
for the machine and can walk you through the repair.

——- Comment #3 From Jeff 2007-10-26 16:32:07 [reply] ——-

last time this happened, someone had to fix the water detection by letting out a bunch of steam. Anyone try that yet?

Note: We haven’t actually had 40,000 bugs.. The bug making machine got left on one night and we ended up with ~30,000 bogus bugs.

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