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About once every two months I meet with a friend or friend of a friend working at one of the local big companies, Amazon, or Microsoft, because they’re interested in hearing more about the world of startups. At each of these discussions I rattle off a long list of must visit links and must attend events.

Local startup blogs

Everyone dialed into the Seattle startup scene reads John Cook’s Venture Blog who closely covers the Seattle startup scene. No other blog comes close. Though I do secretly yearn for a RainCityWag.

List of VC firms and startups

If you’re looking for startup jobs one of the best ways to find them is to visit the sites for the local VC firms and see who they have funded recently. The Seattle PI’s venture page is good for this.

Other startup blogs

A quick poll suggests most of us startup obsessed people read the following blogs:

Guy Kawasaki
Paul Graham
Don Dodge

Organizations with events

This summer Jeff, Rob and I hit the startup event scene hard. Here’s my take on the events (in order of preference):

Seattle Tech Startups: These events attract a younger crowd than the other ones which is perhaps why I like them the most. The first bit is at the Seattle Public Library on Capitol Hill and the second bit is at the Stumbling Monk.

Ignite Seattle: Drink, mingle and listen to five minute presentations on random topics. Well attended by a hip crowd at the Capitol Hill Arts Center. Normally very hot and sweaty.

MIT Enterprise Forum of the Northwest. The have events with normally pretty decent guest speakers. The crowd is older and more dressed up. They also have breakfast sessions but damned if I’m going to wake up at 6:30am and drive to the east side.

Seattle Lunch 2.0: Have lunch at someone else’s offices and find out about something new.

nPost Seattle Networking events: We go to pub night and seem to fit in just fine.

North West Entrepreneur Network: Everything from tech startups to people hawking exercise machines that you might find on a late night infomercial. Pricey to join.

I haven’t attended these yet:

Seattle Mindcamp


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