New Virtual Earth released

Yesterday Microsoft released some new mapping stuff, Microsoft Releases New Search Services for Internet and Mobile Customers.

Immediately, Redfin customers will notice improvements on when they click through a Redfin listing details page for directions to a listing.

Though what we’re most excited about that is that the Virtual Earth team is now supporting Safari as we had to discontinue Safari support when we switched from our Flash map to Virtual Earth last January (Safari was about 5% of our traffic):

Updates in version 6.0 of Virtual Earth include multipoint trip routing; enhanced geocoding that combines results for multiple geocoders; rooftop geocoding, which provides more precise geocoding results; map control support for Safari 2.0; and the release of MapCruncher beta, making it easier to publish maps overlaid in an application using the Virtual Earth map control.

We hope to release a new version of our site later this year to pick up this change.

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