Northwest sucks

I was supposed to fly on Northwest from Seattle to Detroit tonight at 6:15pm. Around noon Ming called to tell me that the flight had been canceled due to lack of flight crew. At 3pm I still hadn’t heard from Northwest so I checked my reservation to see that they had booked me on a new flight leaving Seattle on Saturday and arriving in Detroit at 8pm (the wedding I’m flying to Detroit for is at 4pm in Windsor.) I called and after 30 minutes on hold and them trying to route me through places like Atlanta and I got them to book me on a red eye tonight with a 30 minute layover in Minneapolis. Let’s hope I make that connection because I wouldn’t have made it if I had flown today as the redeye was an hour late.

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  1. jenn says:

    so glad you made it!

  2. Jim says:

    Here’s what this airline re-booked due to last minutes
    flight cancellation between Evansville and Detroit.

    Original schedule: (all Northwest, of course)
    Evansville > Detroit > Nagoya

    New Schedule re-booked by Northwest:
    Evansville > Chicago (over night stay) > San Fransisco > Nagoya
    (all NON Northwest… and inefficient schedule)

    I had them straighten it out by fixing back to the original schedule on a day later.

    They suck ass big time. No wonder the airline is called
    “Northworst Airline.” It revealed the result of the airline cutting back too much on budget and skilled labor.

  3. Vickie Smith says:

    My daughter sat in Raleigh, NC tonight (Sat 7/27) for four hours and then when she finally got out of there to Minneapolis, the next flight out by that time to get her home would have been 7 a.m., and that would have only been to Omaha, tomorrow morning. She ended up having to rent a car and drive home because evidently even that flight wasn’t a definite. Now I have to sit up all night worrying about her getting home. I hate NWA. They didn’t even offer them anything to eat while they were stuck on the plane the whole time, and they couldn’t even get off to find a different flight or go to a motel.

  4. Brandon says:

    I almost thought you were about to say “the Northwest” sucked, but yah, I’d have to agree that Northwest Air does suck…it’s surprising how they in business sometimes. Maybe it’s the prices…not sure.

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