Eastside Redfin Meetup This Thursday

Glenn, as always, has a funny post up announcing, Thursday-Night Chimichangas at the Redmond Azteca. Short version is that from 5 to 7pm Glenn (CEO), Michael (CTO), and myself (lowly IC) will be hanging out and drinking Corona’s at Azteca (it’s no coincidence that we choose a bar very close to Microsoft campus!) by ourselves unless some of you stop by and give us some company.

Feel free to come on by to heckle us on our bad performance, grab a free drink, suggest a feature or two, give us your resume, find out if Glenn really is as funny as his blog persona or find out that I’m really not a hipster.

And today we also updated our jobs page so take a look if you’re looking for SDE/SDET jobs in Seattle or San Francisco.

(Yes, I’m going to keep pimping Redfin job openings because we can’t hire more PMs until we hire more devs :) ).

Update: Apparently this conflicts with the Seahawks vs. 49ers game. Seeing as we’re web geeks we didn’t appreciate this until someone else pointed it out and after some deliberation we concluded that it’s likely you might not care either and if you do, well, you probably have a DVR.

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4 Responses to Eastside Redfin Meetup This Thursday

  1. Dan Ji says:

    Hey Matt, is there any discussion at Redfin of creating any other predefined queries – something along the lines of a the “Fixer-uppers” that’s on the site now?

    I thought it’d be useful to come up with a PDQ for investors… maybe something that searches for homes where the List Price is say, X% below the average of selling prices (prior Y months) + current listing prices for nearby homes .

    Maybe you can even configure the variable values to represent different reports that Redfin users can subscribe to: “Bargain”, or maybe “Hot Investment”.

  2. Matt Goyer says:

    Hi Dan,

    Yes, there has been a lot of discussion about this feature and we were actually working on it alongside the fixer upper feature but ran into some complications and so it’s release has been postponed.

  3. Kelly Engel says:

    Goyer, don’t worry. Your fans will not be dissapointed. You are our favorite urbane hipster. Don’t forget your bike helmet and matching shirt.


  4. Savan says:

    And my damn game night.

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