Meet the Redfin Mavens

Today we’re expanding our Seattle blog and have hired a whole bunch of Redfin Mavens to scour the MLS and go visit listings to get the real scoop. The blog is edited by Marie who I’ve meet twice at Redfin focus groups. In her words:

House hunting has made me bi-polar. The high of reading a listing describing my dream home and then the depression that ensues upon getting there and it’s anything but. Meanwhile, I’ve hired a therapist to help me forget about that perfect house I was outbid on, and that one killer deal I just missed. To keep me from losing my mind and for the benefit of everyone in a similar predicament, the Sweet Digs blog now has a group of real estate mavens writing about homes for sale in the Seattle area. They’re scouring the market for the hottest properties, best deals, hidden gems, and white elephants, giving honest opinions and detailed reviews to help people find new digs.

To be honest, I’ve never met someone more real estate obsessed than Marie. Comments like, ‘Some days I get bored of Seattle real estate and find myself searching in San Francisco’ or ‘the feature I want most is to get notifications of new listings on my phone’ or ‘why can’t I browse Redfin using my [insert latest Smartphone model here]’. Hopefully Marie and the mavens now have an outlet for their enthusiasm :).

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