San Francisco

I’m in New York but before I forget I should quickly blog about the rest of my San Francisco trip…

Thursday the 9th: After a long day of work I headed out with Darryl and some other Waterloo alumni and we ended up at the Redwood Room (wishing we were baby billionaires) which was absolutely packed full of people. Of course getting service at the bar was next to impossible but Darryl somehow snagged us a reserved table without having to buy a bottle so we crashed there and enjoyed both the decor and the scenery.

Friday the 10th: After another long day of work I headed out with my co-worker Jane to Vino Venue a self service wine bar. See you load up a smart card with money and then walk around to these various wine stations and pour yourself a glass. The amount of the glass is then deducted from your smart card which you first put in the machine.

Then I hopped on the BART down to the Mission for a party at the art gallery, The Lab. There Sasha and his friends spent a long time selling me on the virtues of San Francisco. And the selling continued over a late night Indian dinner followed by a visit to Twin Peak’s.

Saturday the 11th: After being woken up several times during the night by the noisy radiator I was woken up for good by
a marching band.


So I grabbed coffee in Union Square (not literally, I don’t drink coffee) and then tracked down two sources of Freitag bags, neither of which had a lot of inventory, but did confirm my decision to buy one.


And then before I knew it I was on a plane back to Seattle to meet up with Rob from high school and then work friends at High Dive.

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2 Responses to San Francisco

  1. Jackie says:

    You met up with Rob from highschool?? Bizarre.

  2. Matt Goyer says:

    Yeah, he lives in Vancouver. I’m looking forward to partying with him next time I’m in Vancouver/Whistler :).

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