Inman: How to build a new real estate model

There’s a good article on Inman on How to build a new real estate model.

Essentially, a second real estate industry is emerging alongside the traditional train track. We call them new models. They’re replete with upscale services built on a new pro-consumer practice. They come across as real and truthful. Traditionalists can argue about the merits of their pro-consumer tradition but the facts don’t support that claim. Let’s compare.

Thankfully I work at a company trying to build a new pro-consumer model.

What other industries are not pro-consumer? How can they change?

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4 Responses to Inman: How to build a new real estate model

  1. sash says:

    Matt, as a realtor do you see real estate on the east side (redmond-kirkland-bellevue close to microsoft) appreciating any further?

  2. Matt Goyer says:

    I’m not a realtor, just a technologist :). But I do know that Microsoft will continue to grow, the existing employees at Microsoft will continue to age, have more kids and therefore require larger homes so I expect that real estate close to Microsoft will continue to be a good investment.

  3. sash says:

    Thanks Matt. I am reading a ton of opinions out there of people and quike frankly I am spooked!! I need some advice regarding whether to buy a house now at all or just wait it out. I am considering some new construction in the high 500s to early 600s for between 2200 and 2500sqft. Is is price reasonable? Is there room for appreciation? Do you think prices will fall in redmond-kirkland area? Needless to say my worst nightmare is my house depreciating

  4. Matt Goyer says:

    Hi Sash, sorry, I’m really not that knowledgeable about prices in that area. Probably best to find a realtor you trust to advise you.

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