This past weekend

Busy weekend!

After sneaking away early Friday I had dry land practice for the J24 Districts, the I rushed over to check out Hump 2. We even made the Stranger’s blog, HUMP 2 Storms Seattle!, or, at least my ass did.

Then Saturday and Sunday I had two days of racing:

upwind trimupwind trim Hosted on Zooomr

And yet another picture of my ass…

mark roundingmark rounding Hosted on Zooomr

Sunday afternoon the wind died so I spent the afternoon on the motorboat relaxing and then went to Daniel’s (by boat of course) with Kristi.

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  1. tony says:

    Ya see Matt…If you were sailing on a dinghy you would be sitting or trapezing… so fewer pics of your backside. :)
    Seattle sailor says hello. I recall seeing Hair/Dog rafted up on V dock. Wasn’t Fleet champs a bummer. Of course the Monday after was 12-15. Fortunately I don’t work Mondays so we took the 505 out and had a hoot to blow off steam after sitting on our butts all weekend waiting for breeze.
    New 505 blog is Hope you pay us a visit.

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