Wingdome update

I got a long and thoughtful email back from Karen, the Wingdome founder. Look for some improvements soon!

…I never thought I’d get into wings. Initially I thought they were pretty disgusting and too much work for too little meat. But sure enough after weeks and weeks of my friends ordering wings during college (OMG, I just subconciously wrote college instead of university!) at Weavers, and then McMullin’s, they gradually grew on me. To the point where I risk heart disease and spend hours stalking the founder online in order to find her email.

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3 Responses to Wingdome update

  1. Ah.. Weavers, McMullins.. two bars that won’t be heard of again by future Waterloo students..

    Weavers is just plain gone (how does a student bar in a residence go out of business… and not have a replacement pop up in its place).. McMullins, is now a Fox and the Fiddle.

    Oh the memories.. I think I’ll miss this place when I finally graduate in a few weeks.

  2. kh says:

    better be careful… midwest slang rubbbing off on you with the ‘college’ slip up. :)

  3. Whoops.. McMullins is still open.. I was thinking about Paddy’s which went through a couple of name changes and is now Fox and the Fiddle.

    How’d I mix McMullins up with Paddy’s..

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