Another Seattle Weekend

Another Seattle weekend. Saturday was our 27th day of of rain! Sunday it didn’t rain at all so we failed to break the 33 day rain streak. And needless to say today it’s raining again. Not that I care, we still had a great weekend.

Saturday we hit the slopes at Steven’s for some great skiing. Though I did get stuck in a tree well for quite some time. After napping for a bit we went out for the ‘Domestic Bliss’ bar crawl and had a grand old time :


Sunday after a long brunch at the Five Spot, the boys went and flew the remote control plane John bought me for Christmas. We shot a funny video which hopefully I can edit and post tonight. After that we caught the T-Birds vs. Kelowna WHL game and watched 24.

We’re now looking for other novel ways to occupy cloudy Sundays. Suggestions include model rockets, R/C cars, R/C boats, R/C helicopters, R/C blimps…

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